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Frequently Asked

1Who can participate in the Datathon?
University students in Vietnam with knowledge and experience in AI and Data Science
2How do I form a team for Datathon?
Each team must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members. If you participate individually, you can choose to form a team through the registration form.
3Is there a specific scope or limit to the exam in the Datathon?
The organizer will announce the topics, and a common theme will be randomly drawn for all teams before the Datathon starts The overall theme topic is leveraging data to increase the customer engagement and experience
4How can I correct incorrect information on the registration form?
Please inbox the fanpage Vietnam Datathon or send the email via ... for support and update the correct information
5What is the judging criteria for the products?
Minimum variable product
Creativity / Innovation
Go-to-market potential - Presentation excellence - Sustainability
6What are the rules regarding the copyright of the competition entries?
Team members own the product themselves
7Who will own the products created during the competition?
Team can use opensources and approaches published on github and academic papers as long as the team credits to the reference
8How will the use of images for advertising and commercial purposes be addressed?
9Is it allowed to prepare code before the Datathon starts?
No, preparing code is not allowed BEFORE the final day of Datathon
However, the idea, scope, and problem defnition should be carefully made clear BEFORE the final day of Datathon. We also assign mentors to help teams in terms of giving directions, guidance, and consultancy of tech stacks.
10What kind of support will be provided during the Datathon?
The organizer will support candidates with meals and overnight lodging, but you must bring your own computer.