Vietnam Datathon 2023

Revolutionize the future of data-driven Retail

Vietnam Datathon (VNDH) is a 24-hour Data Hackathon event for undergraduate students from all over Vietnam. By working together in teams to generate insights and potential data science solutions, they will solve practical problems through the application of data science tools and techniques.


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Vietnam Datathon Team

Vietnam Datathon Team: The Organizing Committee of the VNDVN 2023 contest brings together many leaders from technology companies; Information Technology Communities; prestigious universities in Vietnam. From our own goals in business, social activities, education and training, we cooperate with each other through:
Shared Mission: create a platform for future Data Science Engineers to meet and collaborate with innovative organizations to pioneer breakthrough solutions.
Shared Interest: with the younger generation discovering the power of Data Science applied to business products/technology.
Shared Benefit: leave an imprint in the tech community through an annual contest.

Host of Vietnam Datathon 2023

The Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, or VNU-HCM University of Science, has offered various scientific degrees across Southern Vietnam since its establishment as the Indochina College of Science in 1941.

Co-Organizer of Vietnam Datathon 2023

Kyanon Digital is a leading consulting and implementing technology company based in Vietnam, offering world-class digital solutions with an Agile approach. Founded in 2012, the company has 10+ years of experiences working with clients across APAC region with 300+ employees and 3 offices in Vietnam and Singapore.

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Judges & Advisors

Experts with experience and expertise will evaluate and score the contestants during the competition.
Dr. Tai Huynh

CEO, Kyanon Digital
Assoc. Prof. Binh Nguyen

Head of Applied Informatics Department, Faculty of Mathematics - Informatics, University of Science, VNUHCM

Mr. David Lapetina

VP - Engineering & Technology, Kyanon Digital

Ms. Rosy Giang Tran

VP - Strategy & Innovation, Kyanon Digital

MSc. Pham Thi Vuong

VP of the Institute of Data Science - Artificial Intelligence,
Sai Gon University

Ms. Nguyen Huong Quynh

CEO, BambuUp
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Huy

Head of Software Department,
Sai Gon University

Dr. Nguyen Quoc Dung

Deputy Head of Data Science, Mechatronics and Computer Department,
Van Lang University

Dr. Tran Son Hai

Head of NIIE's IT Program, Co-Founder of xAI.foo
Assoc. Prof. Le Anh Cuong

Head of Computer Science Department,
Ton Duc Thang University

Assoc. Prof. Hoang Van Dung

Deputy Head of Information Technology Department, HCMC University of Technology and Education

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Hien

Lecturer, University of Information Technology, VNUHCM

Mr. Nguyen Minh Bao

VP - Digital Service Delivery,
Kyanon Digital

Dr. To Duc Khanh

Lecturer at Department of Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Science,

Mr. Le Hoang Viet Tuan

Lead of Data Science Program, Trendemy Academy
Mr. Hung Le

Senior Data Engineer, Elsa
Mr. Duong Nhat Tan

Software Engineer, Humanly


As a mentor of Vietnam Datathon 2023, you will support candidates to understand the problem statement, provide direction and technical guidance, help them with challenges, provide feedbacks and evaluation, and support them in teamwork and collaboration
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Huy

Head of Software Department,
Sai Gon University

Dr. To Duc Khanh

Lecturer at Department of Probability and Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Science, VNUHCM
Mr. Nguyen Gia Hung

Solutions Architect Lead, Amazon Website Services (AWS)
Mr. Trung N. Nguyen

Director of Technology,
KMS Technology

Ms. Hoang Thi Bich Ha

CEO & Co-founder, Khai Dong
Mr. Hung Le

Senior Data Engineer, Elsa
Mr. Quang Huy

Data Engineering Leader, Hiptech
Mr. Sang Nguyen

Lead Engineer,
KMS Technology

Mr. Le Hoang Viet Tuan

Lead of Data Science Program,
Trendemy Academy

Mr. Tan Duong

Software Engineer, Humanly

Prize and Benefits

from the competition Vietnam Datathon 2023

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1st Prize


including cash and gift

Frame 33

2nd Prize


including cash and gift

Frame 34

3rd Prize


including cash and gift

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2 Consolation Prizes


Why you should register now!

Be part of a transformative movement in the way that retail businesses interact with their customers with insights from data

Online round submission
Submit your idea and CV of team members. Your team will be provided a submission template. We will select top 24 excellent teams to join the Datathon Day
Workshop & Training
You are introduced about rules & regulations, agenda for the Datathon Day. Top-24 teams will take part in the training session about building fancy data-driven retail product
Work with Mentors

Top-24 teams work with mentors to prepare for Datathon Day where they spend 24hr implementing the MVP

Day 1 (Dec 16 2023)
Opening Ceremony
24h-Hackathon of Top 24
Day 2 (Dec 17 2023)
The Elimination Round of Top 24
The Opening of The Final Round
The Final Round of Top 5 - Presentation
Award Ceremony
Closing Ceremony

Frequently Asked

1Who can participate in the Datathon?
Calling all brilliant minds of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science! Join us for an exhilarating Datathon where you can unleash your expertise and creativity in the fields of Data Science and Computer Science.
2How do I form a team for Datathon?
Each team must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members. If you participate individually, you can inform us to help us team up through the registration form.
3Is there a specific scope or limit to the exam in the Datathon?
The organizer will announce the list of topics and team can choose the topic they prefer
The overall theme topic is leveraging data to increase the customer engagement and experience
4How can I correct incorrect information on the registration form?
Please inbox the fanpage Vietnam Datathon or send the email via contact@vietnamdatathon.com for supporting and updating the correct information
5How can I prepare for the online application?
You will choose a specific topic and prepare slides sharing the idea of how you would build the MVP. You and your team members are also required to submit the CVs. We will provide a submission template for the online application.
6What do we have to do in the Datathon?
You will receive data in the domain of retailing. Your team is going to build an AI MVP to propose solutions based on the given data. The target is to increase the customer engagement and experience.
7What are the rules regarding the copyright of the competition entries?
Team members own the product themselves
8Who will own the products created during the competition?
Team can use open sources and approaches published on github and academic papers as long as the team credits to the reference
9How will the use of images for advertising and commercial purposes be addressed?
- No copyright infringement. No products of any previous competitions are allowed.
- Datathon organizers possess full authority to use the images of contestants and their proposed products. The use of images for advertising and commercial purposes has to be approved by Datathon organizers.
10Is it allowed to prepare code before the Datathon starts?
- Yes, each team can prepare 30% of the code BEFORE the final day of Datathon
- The idea, scope, and problem defnition should be carefully made clear BEFORE the final day of Datathon. We also assign mentors to help teams in terms of giving directions, guidance, and consultancy of tech stacks.
11What kind of support will be provided during the Datathon?
The organizer will support candidates with meals and overnight lodging, but you must bring your own computer.

Revolutionize the future of data-driven Retail